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Partner Spotlight - Suite Solutions is proud to have recently sponsored with Suite Solutions, who provides high speed internet access solutions for a variety of hotels across Canada.

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Lite Mesh

Lite Mesh Wi-Fi let's Hotels deliver complete, High Performance Wireless as a Cost Effective Solution. Our Mesh Access Points offer a High Power Signal to reach into every corner the Internet is required. 

What makes Lite Mesh so great is that each Access Point does not require an Ethernet drop to each node throughout the Property. A typical network consists of 3 or more nodes, one connected to your DSL or cable modem, and others plugged into outlets around the area you'd like to cover.



24/7 Support & Monitoring

It is known that the hospitality Industry is one of the most fast paced, customer service oriented industries out there. SuiteSolutions is committed to keeping up with the pace through a variety of tailored Support Solutions as well as offering a Toll Free Support line for all Guests that are having issues connecting to the Internet.

  • Wired or Wireless High Speed Internet Access
  • VoIP Support Solutions
  • Staff Desktop and Guest Kiosk Support
  • Network and Alert Monitoring

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Network Details

Our Network Operations Centres (NOC) takes a customer oriented approach to providing technical support.  We understand that your business is important to you in all aspects (internet  connectivity, phone, email services, website, and access to backups).

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