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Internet Access for Business

As more and more businesses are increasingly reliant on cloud based services, it becomes more important to have a commercial grade fiber based internet service.  BlackSun has partnered with Itel’s enterprise 40Gbps network that extends across Canada and the USA to offer 99.99% SLA availability.   Itel is the first real national carrier alternative in a market that has been traditionally dominated by “uncaring” ISPs.    Our flexible connectivity options range from Managed ADSL connections,  wholesale cable service access,  fiber based internet access (up to 10GB! to your location!).   Still paying for overpriced phone services?   Call us  to explore a no obligation quote!  We can combine phone and Internet pricing on one lowered bill.

BlackSun and Itel can offer:

  • A Unique End to End SLA for Internet Access and Cloud services.
  • Boasting rights to Largest Telephony Network in Canada.
  • 4 Data centres (Toronto, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Calgary).
  • Peered with 23 providers, Multiple MPLS and Telephony cores.
  • Can provide phone numbers from 1300 Canadian Cities.
  • New ways to efficiently communicate with SIP based telephone trunking for voice and video calls.
  • Secure hosting, domain name, and free technical support for Canadian based email and web solutions.
  • Web Design that includes training so your business can “take over” the website.
  • Cloud based server solutions located across multiple data centres.
  • Data backup from your home, your office to ours.
  • Secure File sync sharing solutions.
  • Access to Brand Name servers and storage solutions at 60% off retail for your data room.

Network Details

Our Network Operations Centres (NOC) takes a customer oriented approach to providing technical support.  We understand that your business is important to you in all aspects (internet  connectivity, phone, email services, website, and access to backups).

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