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Backing up your computer is now so much easier

How do I backup my computer using free software?

Are you looing for software to back up your Mac or PC to another computer in the office?  See the partner link below:

Download and install the software on each computer.  Both computers can be disconnected at any time, and for any length of time—the software won't delete the files. When both computers are online, your backup will reconnect, and the software resumes backup from where it left off.

How is my backup archive stored?

Your backup is stored in a folder that is labeled with a key that corresponds to the computer being backed up. The folder contains all of the elements of your backup in an encrypted archived format.

Looking to back up to a Canadian cloud provider?   Sign up for the free trial at



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Our Network Operations Centres (NOC) takes a customer oriented approach to providing technical support.  We understand that your business is important to you in all aspects (internet  connectivity, phone, email services, website, and access to backups).

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