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Another Bug! How Can Businesses Protect themselves?

BlackSun has successfully implemented NEW internet connections to its data centers this year that include Instant digital vaccines to cure these problems in real time. We had Heartbleed covered earlier this year, and our tech's have helped many businesses across Canada that have been worried about these ongoing concerns by helping to re-engineer internet connections to the customer premise. BlackSun has implemented various security devices at the WAN edge to protect our network in all of our data centers.

How can your business be protected?

1. Move your data to BlackSun or

2. Get BlackSun to help you build a custom internet feed that includes our scanning solution in your office.

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Network Details

Our Network Operations Centres (NOC) takes a customer oriented approach to providing technical support.  We understand that your business is important to you in all aspects (internet  connectivity, phone, email services, website, and access to backups).

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